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T mobile connection does not work

App is broken. Will not let me connect to furbo over cellular data. Makes the furbo useless

Cannot connect

I'm not able to connect for a couple of weeks. I've reset the Furbo many times and it still does not connect.

The idea is cool, dev team can't deliver

The T-Mobile can't connect issue is still unresolved as of 5/24/2017. I believe it's not just the carrier issue, because my other home cameras can stream just fine on the T-Mobile network. Come on guys!

Connectivity issues with Tmobile

I have been having a lot of connectivity issues with using the furbo with tmobile. I've been waiting more than a month and my furbo is not connecting at all.

Awful...(updated) still awful

Needs the option to not dim or shut off iphone screen when viewing the live feed. I like to have it sitting at my desk so I can watch for long periods of time but the screen auto shuts off every few seconds. And it would be great if there was an option to be notified based on motion detection rather than just bark detection. Also, the toggle between camera/video is not very intuituve and sometimes takes photos when tiggling back and forth. Same with the yellow arrow - I don't think it's necessary to see the photo on the live feed screen. Make the toggle a little larger and maybe turn it sideways and move it away from the actual shutter button and it'll be good. Lastly, and this isn't an app feature but a way to watch online in a web browser would be awesome! -Update 9/6/16- Minus one star because even though I have bluetooth and privacy mode turned on, my phone received about 50 notifications last night while I was home telling me my dog was barking when in reality, I was playing music in my house. If i'm home with privacy mode on, I don't need to know my dog is "barking". -Update 4/23/17- This app is horrible. The FAQs don't work. When trying to send a message to support, it won't send. There's no way to change a password to lock people out who have access to the camera. That's basic security 101. Legit, the worst app that I need to use on a regular basis.

Great device, works with T-Mobile now!

After a recent firmware update, the video connects over LTE on T-mobile! Overall great app. Have been using the device since December and the treat function works great and the two way audio also is great.

STILL worthless with T-Mobile

If you have T-Mobile, don't bother...

Works great

It's hilarious how everyone is blaming a mobile carrier for their issues. Quit using a cheap service provider maybe? Everything works as described, I have no complainants! Except the stupid reviews

What a piece of crap

You would think that after purchasing a $200 camera their app would work. What's the point of me only being able to use the camera when I'm sitting in front of my dog?!? Please fix this issue!!

This is Perfect

Interesting reviews. I myself have had the product for a week and my dogs already know that the sound emitted from the Furbo means treat. As I live in a condo, getting notifications when they bark is huge. This product does not disappoint and I'm able to launch the app and talk to them. Once they calm down, snacks are given. It's a great product that works.

T mobile cannot use the app


Doesn't work with Tmobile

Does not work with T-Mobile. And no clear answer as to when this will be resolved.

Completely worthless

Got one for Christmas. The device is inaccessible from anywhere outside of the house (LTE and other wifi networks). Completely useless and a waste of money.

Need to be considerate!!

Please include rat terrier or let user to type in the bred for ourselves. Or make this as a optional field. Be more considerate to people who have other breeds or mixed breeds. I don't want to call my dog "other breed"!! Also, I have 2 Furbo, can you support multiple Furbo in single account?!

Great concept

Great concept but there is an issue for T-Mobile customers which has prevented streaming while not on wifi. Has been over a month and this has not been resolved hence 2 stars since I can only use on wifi. Customer support has given vague answers as to when it will be fixed.

T-Mobile LTE Viewing broken

Still cannot view the camera over T-Mobile mobile network

Do not buy if you have updated iphone ios qp.2

Does not work outside of WiFi with new IOS update on iphone , waiting weeks already , we paid good money for this product we expect good updating and patching .

Fix iOS 10.2 T-Mobile Issue

Works great on WiFi, but you need to fix the iOS 10.2 T-Mobile known issue. Please fix and I will upgrade my review.

Love our Furbo 🐶

Great app easy to set up! We love checking up on our pups! You can even record audio and video and post it in social media! Try the Furbo it's totally worth it!

Cannot connect using cellular data

I have updated the Furbo app and still cannot connect using cellular data. I still get barking alerts but cannot connect to the camera. I do like that I have a progress bar and the app will display a network error rather than just a spinning wheel. However, the cellular connection issue is still not fixed.

Good app but annoying.

So I love my Furbo and the app BUT when I get the push notifications that my dogs are barking, I get 5-30 of them in rapid succession. It would be great to get one but I think more than 1 or 2 is just nuts.

Straight Forward App

Simple and easy way to utilize web cam features of the Furbo appliance.

App not connecting

When I'm not at home, the app doesn't connect to the device whether I'm on wifi or LTE even though I get barking notifications. Seems to defeat the purpose of the app despite having updated the firmware last night. 🤔

Awesome but needs adjustment.

App is clear and easy to use. It kept disconnecting from my wifi for no reason and had to restart it several times to get connection. Video,camera, & mic seemed to have massive lag as did the treat button. 3 taps and only released treats 1x. All in all great product, dogs and people happy!

More bugs than a locust plague

Won't connect unless on WiFi, says I need to update the app even though I just downloaded the latest version, when following prompt to update it says to connect to power when I already am, clicking update closed the app and nothing happens. Amazing idea, terrible app.

Will not connect on cellular data

After a successful set up, the Furbo app will not connect to the livestream feed on cellular data. The app has permission to use cellular data (checked it in settings). The stream connects over my home wifi, but the app and Furbo itself are useless to me if I cannot view the video stream when I am out and about.

Needs some minor updates

Having a firmware error update that keeps happening Great app

More than I bargained for.

Clear and up to date picture quality. The app is simple and direct. I get to monitor my pet and environment.

Best Doggy cam!

Love that I can see my dog anytime from my iPhone and even toss a treat at him:) It's super simple to set up and I love seeing him while I'm at work all day!

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