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My app was working just fine until today. I can’t zoom in and out?! I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.

Great...until it stopped working?

There was swift response from the team, and finally a new firmware update came and fixed the problem. Original review: I bought the Furbo because I was leaving town and wanted to monitor my noisy Bengal cat...and it was going great until two days ago, when it stopped connecting (I'm using an iPhone 6 with at&t). I keep getting notifications that she's meowing, but what's the point if I can't see what she's doing?

What’s Going on with this APP??

Ever since the last update, I have to keep deleting and reinstalling the app as it never opens from on day to the next. Please fix!!!

The sound is not that great but the product is amazing

I work after hours and I always received complaints from my neighbors about my dogs barking. Be careful your dog dont associate barking with getting treats otherwise is going to be barking all day. I toss them treats only when they are behaving. I not only use Furbo to check on my dogs but also to check on my house. I live in Florida and had to evacuate for Hurricane Irma. Half of the state lost electricity and I was able to see when the electricity came back to my house and check on my house thanks to Furbo. Great purchase! I bought it on Prime day with a discount. Strongly recommend this product.


We've had furbo since it's inception on Kickstarter and it's been 100% PERFECT, even while on vacation in Jamaica, never a single issue... After update today, it's been "internal error, contact support" over and over trying to login. I've reset everything, restarted phone and iPad, still won't let me login!!! Why change what was always working so well? I don't get why programmers always have to mess with a working platform or app! This needs fixed ASAP, as we rely on this daily now, and are going away this weekend. This is highly irritating and completely unnecessary! UPDATE: FURBO has been 100% stable every day since the day after my last review! Not a singe issue since that update, and the issues that I did have were very short lived to be honest. The truth is, sometimes we get spoiled with a great product, and only seem to take time to review products when they AREN’T at their best, and that’s not really fair to those that work so hard to keep things going and updated with all the Apple/Android firmware updates. If it hadn’t worked so well for so long, I wouldn’t have been so surprised by the day and a half it wasn’t working right. I’ve had the Furbo since the first KickStarter release and long before the general public release, and it’s never disappointed, (with exception of the 1.5-day error message). It’s the ONLY Wi-Fi product out of MANY, that has worked flawlessly from the beginning, with very VERY little effort in the initial setup. I can view, record, snap pics, zoom, hear, talk, send treats, etc to my living room/dogs, from anywhere in the world that has at least a bar of cellular data or Wi-Fi signal. It’s truly the best electronic product I’ve purchased in years, (over 50 products purchased on KS alone). Lastly, I must sincerely apologize for my last review, as again, it was heat of the moment, and based upon it always working 100% prior to that day, and everyday since. Best product of the last 2-years by FAR!!! I can’t wait for the upcoming Wi-Fi Nannie (type) camera release. Thank you FURBO team!

New update is junk

Need an update. New update doesn’t work. I can’t load the app and I have to reinstall it. Fix it.

Don't buy the furbo

I would not recommend the Furbo until they fix the connectivity issues with T-Mobile. Until then, you can only access the device from your phone when on wifi.

Excellent concept, poor performance

The product concept is excellent. I preordered mine since the company raised the pre-production fund at Indiegogo. The delivery was delay for a couple of months as they claimed on importing clearance issue. The product didn't work on T-mobile network for several months before I started to get to use the full features. Two months ago, barking alert feature stopped working. I've been back and forth with its customer support on email for a month now but they kept telling to do the same things like reboot, etc. I did those again and again. It never works. The customer service doesn't seem to sincerely try to fix the problem. It's over limited warranty period so they won't replace the product. Waste of money. For over a year, it really worked for a few months without problem. I've been too patient with Furbo. Not recommended.

This app make me cry

I show his app to my family and then they cry becuz it not work connect to wifis. My network name dog farts, that ok?

9/20/17 update doesn't work

My app worked great until I tried to login today after I downloaded last update. Now it stays on the first screen that says name of App. WORST UPDATE. DOESN'T WORK!!!!!

Great product, but unable to connect 50-70% of the time.

I love the Furbo. We use it as a way to check in on foster kittens we are taking care of. However, within the week it has stopped connecting the majority of the time. I uninstalled and re-installed, and now I can't get on at all. It would be great to get an update to fix this or to revert back to a previous version. Solid product, but the software needs some work.

App is not working

Hi Team, The app runs well until this morning. We cannot open the app and all we can see is the app desktop. Please advise how to fix it. Thanks

App has stopped loading

I updated my app, and now it will not load on my phone or iPad, please help, we used this product daily, now we can't.

Update Needed!

We waited patiently for nearly 2 months since Furbo was on back order. Now that we received Furbo the app stopped opening after only having it for 2 days. Needs update!

Great ... When it works ...

App is great when it works, but I constantly have to force close the app in order for it to work again (Iphone 7plus). The service is often down and can't even get passed the log in screen. Definitely not due to my internet or router. Just needs to be more reliable ...

Can’t connect

For the past few months my iPhone hasn’t been able to connect to the furbo while I’m not home. Would be 5 stars if I could see what my dogs are doing while I’m away.


Can’t use the app after the latest update.

Furbo Update! 🙄

Every. Single. Time. We go backwards. Why does each update break the ability to view the Furbo camera while using T-Mobile LTE?! 👎🏻👎🏻

Doesn't work with TMobile

Update 9/16 - another update and it doesn't work again. I spend more time troubleshooting this stupid thing. My expectations are pretty low. I just expect it to work which it doesnt. They are not transparent about their issues sign TMobile. If you email them they just respond blaming TMobile which is suspect because I've never had an issue with any other app. I purchased in December. They fixed the first issue and then you get an update and it stops working again. Beware.

Update Fail

My app wouldn't load so I deleted and downloaded again. This time I got an updated app and lost all my pet data and it won't connect. Terrible. Need to test before rolling out ......update ......2furbo updates later and same thing. Can't access furbo via iPhone T-Mobile data. Only wifi. Which does not help me at work when I need to use it. Plus I lost all my pet data. Wth.

Doesn't work with T-Mobile again!?

Update now more app updates and it doesn't work on T-Mobile again. Each update to the app brings more bugs and now doesn't connect at all except wifi. Works fine on my Verizon phone however. What is going on with this company and testing before product updates reach the public ?

Stopped working on T-Mobile after update

The app is unusable since the update. This app has had issues in the past with connecting to the Furbo camera over the T-Mobile network, but they were resolved with the prior update. Now this new update breaks it again.

Do not buy Furbo!

I wish I could return this item and purchase a different dog camera. The app never works and with the recent update I cannot log in or reset my password. There is no costumer service! I haven't heard back from the company in weeks.

Going downhill

I was really enjoying the app up until recently. The app just won't work on cellular (I have tried on both T-Mobile and Verizon).. it works on Wi-Fi just fine, but not cellular. It's been going on for almost a week! Very frustrating!

Great app!!

I don't know why there are so many bad reviews, I've had this app for quite some time now and have never had any problems with it on both IOS and android

Thank goodness for the update

I've had this since day one, always has worked well. But today I couldn't sign in and no support was offered. However with the recent update, it is now working fine.

Connectivity issues with Tmobile

Aug 30/2017 New update? Again!!! Connectivity issues with Iphone from Tmobile...Ready to get rid of this equipment and trying something real... I have been having a lot of connectivity issues with using the furbo with tmobile. I've been waiting more than a month and my furbo is not connecting at all.

DOESN'T WORK after update.

I'd give it 5 stars if it worked. The update rendered it completely useless. Can't sign in. The links for support don't exist. Everything just sends you to their sales page. No email for support. No way to get in touch with them unless you want to buy a new one. Epic fail. Extremely frustrating. Customer service nonexistent

Does more harm than good

Keeps telling me my dog is barking but is incapable of connecting to the camera to see what's going on. This thing is worse than useless, it creates more anxiety


Your app it absolutely ridiculous!!! With how much this dam thing costs you figured your app would be great! BUT NO ITS GARBAGE!!! IT CRASHES IT DOES NOT KEEP CONNECTED TO THE FURBO IT DISCONNECTS ONCE YOU WALK INTO A ROOM AND NOW MINE SAYS INTERNAL ISSUE!!! And will not connect. TRASH TRASH TRASH!!

Difficult to get help

Contacted customer support via email about red light that's on after update. Use to work well. I would prefer an email vs telling me to open a dialogue!!! Not very helpful. But l love furbo when it is working.

Update failure

This latest update has caused my app to no longer open. All I get is a pop up telling me that a newer version of the app exists, however I have the newest version. The App Store only has the option to open the app, not to update it, so I know I am up to date. Disappointing development as I enjoyed this product before. Update to review, upgrading to three stars: the team got the app working again, and I was able to use it the next morning. They also responded to my review.

Weird update

Latest version killed the app for a few days, but I left the app on the loading screen for a minute and now it's working again.

Latest update has the app stuck in an update loop

It's so frustrating because I cannot use the app, even if I quit it and reopen it. I've already updated the app yet it keeps prompting me to update and redirecting me to the App Store!

Usually a great app

The Furbo app typically works great but after this latest update I can no longer access it. The app continually tells there is an update & forces me to the App Store. There isn't an update on the App Store as I already updated it to the latest version. Hopefully this resolved soon.

Can't use app anymore

Says I need to update even though I have the latest version of the app. this renders the Furbo useless.

My dog loves it

We have had no problems with it so far and the app works just fine on my Verizon phone. I've used the microphone, camera, etc and they've all worked great.

Very Cool

Works good on Verizon. The dogs love it!

Not compatible with T mobile and has to connect wifi

Really disappointing and not compatible with T-Mobile and it is taking them forever!!!!!!! What's your efficiency? Useless have to say

Not Compatible with T-Mobile

If you have T-Mobile, don't buy Furbo. They've had lots of issues keeping the app working with the carrier. It hasn't worked for me in months.....

Horrible connection!

Don't buy this product. I bought Furbo so that I can know how is my dog doing whenever I am leaving for a weekend trip. But, every time, it loses the connection after the first night. Horrible!!! Also, Please include rat terrier or let user to type in the bred by ourselves. Or make this as a optional field. Be more considerate to people who have other breeds or mixed breeds. I don't want to call my dog "other breed"!! Also, I have 2 Furbo, can you support multiple Furbo in single account?!

No connectivity with T-Mobile

I like the unit but I'm very disappointed that I cannot connect on the T-Mobile 4G network. When is this update coming????

Cannot connect

I'm not able to connect for a couple of weeks. I've reset the Furbo many times and it still does not connect.

The idea is cool, dev team can't deliver

The T-Mobile can't connect issue is still unresolved as of 5/24/2017. I believe it's not just the carrier issue, because my other home cameras can stream just fine on the T-Mobile network. Come on guys!

Awful...(updated) still awful

Needs the option to not dim or shut off iphone screen when viewing the live feed. I like to have it sitting at my desk so I can watch for long periods of time but the screen auto shuts off every few seconds. And it would be great if there was an option to be notified based on motion detection rather than just bark detection. Also, the toggle between camera/video is not very intuituve and sometimes takes photos when tiggling back and forth. Same with the yellow arrow - I don't think it's necessary to see the photo on the live feed screen. Make the toggle a little larger and maybe turn it sideways and move it away from the actual shutter button and it'll be good. Lastly, and this isn't an app feature but a way to watch online in a web browser would be awesome! -Update 9/6/16- Minus one star because even though I have bluetooth and privacy mode turned on, my phone received about 50 notifications last night while I was home telling me my dog was barking when in reality, I was playing music in my house. If i'm home with privacy mode on, I don't need to know my dog is "barking". -Update 4/23/17- This app is horrible. The FAQs don't work. When trying to send a message to support, it won't send. There's no way to change a password to lock people out who have access to the camera. That's basic security 101. Legit, the worst app that I need to use on a regular basis.

Great device, works with T-Mobile now!

After a recent firmware update, the video connects over LTE on T-mobile! Overall great app. Have been using the device since December and the treat function works great and the two way audio also is great.

STILL worthless with T-Mobile

If you have T-Mobile, don't bother...

Works great

It's hilarious how everyone is blaming a mobile carrier for their issues. Quit using a cheap service provider maybe? Everything works as described, I have no complainants! Except the stupid reviews

What a piece of crap

You would think that after purchasing a $200 camera their app would work. What's the point of me only being able to use the camera when I'm sitting in front of my dog?!? Please fix this issue!!

This is Perfect

Interesting reviews. I myself have had the product for a week and my dogs already know that the sound emitted from the Furbo means treat. As I live in a condo, getting notifications when they bark is huge. This product does not disappoint and I'm able to launch the app and talk to them. Once they calm down, snacks are given. It's a great product that works.

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