Furbo Dog Camera App Reviews

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The fact that there are so many varying reviews says it all. It either works or it doesn’t. Furbo is too inconsistent to be worth anything.You guys need to figure this out or stop selling it until you do. Otherwise, you’re just ripping people off. Seriously, I understand it works for some, but look at all the people who it doesn’t work for. Figure it out please or stop selling until you do.

There is an issue connecting to the camera over T Mobile cellular network. It was fixed in a prior release, but a recent release appears to have overwritten the previous fix, so it no longer works again unless connected over WiFi. This is extremely invonvenient. Please spend some money on proper development methodology and QA your code.

Still not working with T-mobile. This was fixed momentarily a few months ago but not working again as of 20 January 2018

Same review as everyone else. I have T-Mobile and I'm unable to view the camera unless I'm on wifi. This sucks big time as I live in an apartment complex and have protective dogs that like to bark at random things. I can't effectively use the options to calm them down/give them treats if I can't get the camera to work. PLZ FIX THIS

Won't connect with t-mobile.. Multiple times now that it hasn't worked. Getting tired of a basic camera that can't connect via cellular.

T mobile connection does not work

App is broken. Will not let me connect to furbo over cellular data. Makes the furbo useless

Garbage app

The app hardly ever works so who knows what your dog is doing all day. And when it does work it’s insanely slow. Not worth the price for the camera.

Room for Growth

Furbo is a great product that allows pet parents and their furbabies to connect while apart from one another. No matter the distance furbo will let you check in on your pet barring WiFi signal. Fortunately I have not experienced any connection issues that have altered my experience. That being said I believe furbo can build upon their already great product. A simple feature I would love to have would be allowing you to record a number of messages you could play when you are not able to speak over the microphone. Let’s say you are at work or around a group of people that maybe you don’t want to hear your puppy talk. Having the ability to say what you want with a press of a button would be amazing. There’s been plenty of times I wanted to tell my dog I love and miss them but also knew I would catch a stare or two. Having a feature like this would really improve pet to owner interaction and the amount of time spent using the app. Overall the furbo does an outstanding job at performing what it was built for and I recommend it to any other dog owner

Stop removing features

This is already an expensive little device. Stop taking away features and putting them behind a pay wall! Please add back people detection. I got this for the dog sitter. What’s the point if I have to pay for the device and pay for a monthly subscription?

This Product Is Only Held Back By The App

The app is clunky and mostly unresponsive. I have to force quit and re-open the app at least 4 times a day. When that doesn’t work I have to re-install. Extremely unstable and poorly designed

Overall Love with Recent Sadness

I have loved my Furbo camera and companion app for a while now. The additions to the app have been well thought out, helpful, and well implemented. The one thing that I am consistently trying to figure out is the Dog Nanny subscription model. It says that I am on the free trial but doesn't tell me how long that will last or how much it will be at the undetermined end of the trial. I suppose I will keep my fingers crossed on a continual free trial... The Doggy Diary has become a daily activity that my fiance and I do together. I will literally get excited when I receive my notification that the Doggy Diary is ready. The last two days, however, I have received the notification, opened the app, and been greeted with a message that no Doggy Diary was recorded. The disappointment this has created is something that I cannot adequately describe. I am hoping that today's update will fix this. If it does, I will alter my review accordingly.

Would be cool if it worked reliably

Tried giving the device/app a shot for a few weeks but it never works when needed, and even when it does work the lag is horrendous (as is the audio quality from the microphone). Nice idea but we’ll be looking into a dog camera from a different company- this one clearly has some bugs to work on.

Very glitchy with new update

I bought this a few months ago, didn’t have great success with separation anxiety so I put it to rest. Decided to revisit, and with the new required update the whole app including the camera is useless. I’ve spent 1.5 h trying to connect, turn on the camera, etc. consider a different camera I wish I could get my money back and purchase from a different company. Remember this camera has to run on an application, so if the app doesn’t work, the $150 device is useless

Worked fine until latest updates

Hardware all good. App worked fine until the latest updates which brought a bunch of useless paid features and totally broke basic functionality - I.e. connecting to the camera. Now essentially useless unless they fix these basic issues.

Furbo is A-okay

Hey, Y’all need to quit hating on Furbo.... Unless you’re hating on the “required update” prior to checking in on your poochie pal. Besides that, it’s great. So far I’ve been able to witness the following: Gracie chewing up my wife’s new sandals... priceless! Gracie having the squirts after contracting roundworm... gross! Gracie chewing the heck out of the kitchen table... pricey! Gracie peeing on the living room carpet... typical. Gracie being a puppy with too much freedom.... well she’s back in her crate until an undisclosed date. If you’re overly upset about the thing not flinging the treat properly or shoddy voice quality when you talk to your dog.... well, you’re just an overzealous dog parent. Peace, Gracie’s dad

Each update makes the app worse

Started out brilliant. Then each update stripped away services and made the app increasingly unstable. Cmon guys. You had a great product.

Too glitchy

Ridiculously glitchy app. Constantly have to close out and reload to use. Audio cuts out and video freezes every time I use it. Microphone no longer transmits to Furbo speaker. 160 degree camera angle and 1080 resolution is great, but not worth $200 if the app isn’t good enough to support it.

Major issues

Working well until I tried to update the firmware. It failed to update three times and now I can’t connect anymore. I have strong WiFi signals on both ends. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I restarted my phone. No luck. DON’T try to update the firmware because it renders the product useless.

Poor business practices

The Furbo was worth it at first when they gave you the premium service trial, but now that it has expired it’s useless. The microphone quality is awful and makes you sound creepy so when you try to talk to your dog it scares them. It was worth it for me because of the person spotted feature but now I have no idea if the sitter came to let my dogs out while I’m at work if I’m too busy at the moment when they bark to immediately pull up the buggy, slow app and watch to see what they’re barking at. I’m not going to pay a monthly fee in perpetuity for that feature after I bought the device for hundreds of dollars. I work in the animal care industry and will actively warn everyone I know against doing business with this shady company. All the reviews that are positive have just received the product and haven’t lost the “premium features” yet. They are not transparent about the fact that you need to pay every month forever when you’re buying the device. It’s not until you download the app and see all the reviews from people who were duped, like you.

Expensive Product that Hardly Works

I was very excited when my parents surprised me with this camera to be able to keep an eye on my dog while at work. Well, I hardly ever get to check in because this app is terrible. It never works and they keep updating it and it’s getting worse with each new update. They’re focused on launching premium services for cash rather than making the basic functions of the app work correctly. Very disappointed with this app, especially when the camera is so expensive to begin with. I’ve hardly been able to use it without the app failing or not loading the view. Please fix your normal functions before adding premium options that won’t work either.

So fun!

I have to leave my dog during my work week 9 to 10 hrs a day. This device gives me the opportunity to play with my dog and give her treats. We love it!

Furbo keeps going offline

I received the Furbo as a gift. The idea of this gadget is great. When it is online it works great and I would give it 5 star, however I constantly , like everyday have to unplug it and reboot to get it back online. I contacted the developers about this and I got an answer, but no help.


After you pay 200 dollars for a dog camera you should be able to get the premium membership for free


Having so much trouble just trying set it up! The light did not turn green for a while and only worked when I changed the adapter to my phone’s. Afterwards it kept saying it has been registered to another account but it is brand new! The app will not let me choose the second option that says it hasn’t been registered to another account. I have tried to contact Furbo but there is no contact phone number! Only chat or email but even when I try to chat, they are always offline! I email with photos of the issue and they never got back to me! What kind of customer service is this!!?!??

This update is a downgrade!

Prior to this update that made the the useful features of the app a premium service, the app and furbo hardware were a 3 star combo. Now that we have to pay for something we thought was included for the high price we paid for the furbo hardware with this dog nanny service crap. There's still connection issues. Still video zoom issues. The audio quality still stinks in both the microphone and built in speaker. Save yourself the money and just get a regular cam with 2-way audio. The treat gimmick lasts only so long.

Camera not a nanny!

How silly to market this as a nanny rather than a camera. There are connectivity issues all the time. It’s stationary and my voice is distorted when it comes through the machine. My dog doesn’t respond to it because it’s not me, it’s a camera! Don’t waste your money paying for smart alerts!

Extremely unreliable

This app operates with exceptionally poor quality. It’s possible that their servers don’t have the strength to operate appropriately. I’m trying to use this device to help with my Dogs superstorm anxiety but it fails to project my voice through the app. I know that much when I’m at home so when my dog is freaking out while I’m at work, I have no way of knowing wether or not the app is not working or the dog is not listening to me. Judging my my use of the app at home, it’s the apps fault. Its a cute toy if you wanna see your dog but if your depending on this device to aid in separation anxiety training then don’t purchase it. The app itself is extremely unreliable. It won’t even save my dogs profile for more than a day so I’ve given up on it

Neat device, poor software

The user must frequently force quit and restart it to work as intended. It seems to get in an odd state at times after viewing live video. When you go back to the app later it may not connect (but does quickly if I force quit and try again).

Furbo loses connectivity - app is slow and buggy

Bought a Furbo specifically for a trip to check in on our pup. Of course, the app can’t connect. We’ve had our dog sitter reboot the device twice. And the app is buggy and slow. You tap on a CTA and you’re never sure if the tap registered. They let you submit a ticket for support thru the app but then there is NOWHERE to see the response if you dismiss the notification by accident. You can’t see your chat anywhere in the app. Terrible UX.

Customer Service Top Notch

Have had my Furbo since February, over the weekend I experienced my furbo malfunction. After going through all the steps to correct the issue and talking to customer service, they shipped me a new one next day. Was so relieved I only missed one day of piece of mind knowing my dog was safe at home. Very impressed with their quality of customer service.

Great until there’s an update

App normally works great but when there’s an update, which I’m forced to download, it crashes, loses connection and I have to wait to get home and reset the Furbo device to get it to work again. Updates are supposed to improve connection and functionality not make it worse

Horrible customer service

The app does not work on my phone. Every time I sign into furbo, it crashes and kicks me out. I reached out several times and each response I got asked me the same questions. Their final conclusion for why it doesn’t work is “Weird. Someone will reach out.” It’s been over a month and no one has reached out. For the amount of money I had to spend on this for it not to work on my phone is just unbelievable. Don’t waste your time or money.

Great idea - awful app

I had a cheap camera previously and I was tired of having to work around the weird app features and was difficult set up again if I moved it. It worked decent, but I really wanted a Furbo. Setup was easy and the app is very navigable, but the camera only connects 25% of the time. I am always on WiFi, or with a strong cellular connection, but for whatever reason I can only check the camera occasionally. It is very frustrating and makes me want to go back to the old camera because I could at least consistently check on my dog.

Add American Eskimo Breed!!!

Hi! Your product is great, yeah yeah yeah. BUT YOU WOULD’VE HAD 5 STARS IF.... You just add the American Eskimo breed to your breeds list in the bio. Come on man. My dog isn’t an “other.” His name is Ollie, he’s a little pup, and his American Eskimo breed should be an option in your drop down menu. I’ll give 5 starts when I see a change. Until then...I guess I’ll just continue using your product because it’s pretty great. Thanks!

Horrible device

After the device not working properly for at least 6 months they sent me a new one out. They could have kept it! Just horrible connection issues, takes forever for an update to download only to not fix any issues. The sound, forget it! Sounds all muffled and distorted. Best feature is the great dispenser. Pretty much it! The camera is not good quality, it was a waste of money for sure. Save your money!

Really glitchy

This app hardly ever works. When it does it’s great though

Don’t be in a hurry.

Setup is a breeze. The problem is the connection takes what seems like forever in today’s high speed world. Once connected however everything works great.

Great concept; awful app

I love that I can see what my dog is up to during the day, and it’s fun to throw treats to him. However, the audio barely works, and it can take a couple of minutes to load the video feed. Please fix!!!

Horrible App. Would expect better for $250 camera.

For a product that costs nearly $250, the app is a disgrace. If I had known how unfortunate the app was, I would’ve opted for a $50 cam on Amazon instead. I don’t have a problem with lagging so I know it’s not a WiFi issue, but the app ALWAYS freezes and bugs out.

Ridiculous/work when it wants to

So I got my furbo camera about two months ago. Was working pretty fine, until I would leave the house. Literally I would have to log on and off of the app to just have it connect to my furbo camera. Then I let my mother have it at her house when I was on vacation, it was so complicated just for her to set it up, she made an account then it told her that the camera was only registered to one user. Also I would be at work getting numerous “Barking dog alerts” when my dog would be sleeping. Also the voice setting to speak to you dogs isn’t that loud, even when you adjust the volume in setting. Tbh it’s just all POOR CONNECTION seven if your in WiFi it’s ridiculous.

Terrible product and app

Every time I update the app, the whole thing stops working. And of course, they always force an update on the days when my dog is alone and I want to know if she is barking. I’m throwing the whole thing away and buying an alternate product. Completely unreliable.

Love my Furbo

I love this! This is exactly what I needed to be able to watch my pup throughout the day. It’s so awesome it shoots treats. The whole process of setting up took about 10 minutes total, SO EASY. The video quality day/night is great. The app itself is pretty decent. However, it’s my first day using this app and it’s already froze and crashed a few times. I really hope this doesn’t become a bigger problem, I’ll be so bummed! But so far so good, if the bug fixes could be fixed I think it’ll be 5 starts!!!

Great concept! Buggy but love it

Had issues at first but troubleshooting using the chat box in the app did the trick. Love being able to check in on my dogs and interact with them while I’m not home.

Frequent app crashes and cannot connect to the camera

I’ve tried everything to get the app to connect to Furbo, but I still haven’t had any luck. The camera has not worked for me more than five minutes at a time. I’ve restarted and reconfigured routers, modems, and my phone with no luck. I’ll be returning the device and deleting the app. I encourage everyone else to do the same.


I don’t know what people are talking about that it doesn’t connect I have never had an issue. It sets up in minutes and always has a solid connection. Camera quality is awesome as well! Our puppy warmed up to it really fast. Love it!

Day One - smooth sailing, mostly.

Set up of the Furbo was easy. To access some of the new features a firmware update was required. That failed the first time, tried again and when I restarted the app it had finished. One thing I’d love to see added (unless I missed it) is an easier way to turn off notifications when home and back on when I leave. (I know that person you’ve spotted Furbo- me!) Either one easy button, geofencing, a schedule, etc. The doggies are loving it so far, and I’m loving the selfies!


I was excited to get my Furbo only to find the app is terrible. Constantly freezes, and when it does decide to work the hardware struggles to stay connected to my network. I have security cameras that can stream 1080p at twice the distance from the router, yet this piece of junk struggles to stream 720p with constant blips and eventually crashing. Total waste of money, would not recommend.

Not a good app

This app never works! Never stays connected and just keeps loading unless I am right next to the Furbo

Don’t listen to the one star reviews.

This product is so great! It has given me so much comfort to see my Millie-girl while I’m at work and she gets so excited when she hears the treat tossing noise. It always connects perfectly for me. The people complaining are T-Mobile users and the issues with their WiFi connection have been addressed by the developers. This product deserves nothing less than 5 stars. since seeing mine, all of my dog parent friends one one.

Love this app

I see a lot of negative reviews here but I haven’t any issues. Video quality is relatively crisp, treat function works well, and the alerts are responsive. Overall good app.

App and Device work, audio quality is pitiful!

I found the setup and use of this device pretty easy. I had it set up in just few minutes and streaming video and audio without a problem. Some of the negative reviews with connection issues might be because of a bad WiFi connection. You do want a strong signal with a good S/N ratio at the location where you put the Furbo. My only complaint is with the speaker quality in the device. Using the 2-way talk feature to talk to your dog sounds horrible! I had my wife leave the house while I stayed a listened and the sound quality coming out of the device was barely intelligible! I’m surprised by this because the pre-recorded sounds that the Furbo can make do sound decent. I know my iPhone is capable of recording high quality audio with its microphone. I think it may be possible that the app is very poorly compressing and downgrading the quality of your voice before beaming it over to the Furbo. I would love to hear from the developer what audio format is being used for transmission. It sounds like a potato!


Super simple to set up, 5 minutes Love being able to see my pup from work. Having difficulties connecting to applewatch

Works Great

Love this app. Love the ‘person spotted’ notification alert. Love that I can talk and listen to our fur babies. It’s a great and fun camera to have.

Love this app & device

I ordered this thing before I read all the app reviews and got really nervous about my purchase. There are pretty terrible reviews about every aspect of this app, setup, basic use, app crashing, etc. So far so good for me. I did notice that there was an update to the app the day before it arrived. I don’t doubt the issues others have had, I just think/hope this company has resolved them through updates. It took me about 10 minutes to set up with absolutely no issues. The only reason it took 10 minutes was because it had to update the device firmware. I’ve messed with every feature of this and everything seems to work fine. I do wish the treat tosser would toss them more than a few inches, but it does work. The quality and range of the camera exceeded my expectations, it covers 100% of the area my dog will be in while I’m gone. I will adjust this review if I start to experience app crashing or other issues. But as of now I would totally recommend this to a friend. Things I’ve checked: Works well both on WiFi and cellular. Bark alerts work. Motion alerts work. Dog selfie feature works. Treat tosser is weak, but works. Picture and sound both ways are clear. Hope this was helpful

Stinky after update

Have tried to watch on WiFi and takes FOREVER to load- even at home when I’m 50 ft from the unit!!!! Don’t know what is going on, but worked adequately before latest update. 🙄

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