Furbo Dog Camera App Reviews

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There is an issue connecting to the camera over T Mobile cellular network. It was fixed in a prior release, but a recent release appears to have overwritten the previous fix, so it no longer works again unless connected over WiFi. This is extremely invonvenient. Please spend some money on proper development methodology and QA your code.

Still not working with T-mobile. This was fixed momentarily a few months ago but not working again as of 20 January 2018

Same review as everyone else. I have T-Mobile and I'm unable to view the camera unless I'm on wifi. This sucks big time as I live in an apartment complex and have protective dogs that like to bark at random things. I can't effectively use the options to calm them down/give them treats if I can't get the camera to work. PLZ FIX THIS

Won't connect with t-mobile.. Multiple times now that it hasn't worked. Getting tired of a basic camera that can't connect via cellular.

T mobile connection does not work

App is broken. Will not let me connect to furbo over cellular data. Makes the furbo useless

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