Furbo Dog Camera App revisa

Relief for dog owners

I am not lucky enough to work from home, and Furbo puts my mind at ease. I can check on my dog while I’m in the office, at the gym, anywhere that I cannot bring my dog along. It works best if the furbo is connected to your home WiFi. As long as the furbo is plugged in, and on WiFi everything is great. It also depends on the connection of your phone. If you’re in a dead zone, obviously no apps with work. If you’re using data or on WiFi on your phone everything works great!

Good experience.

Got this to watch my French Bulldog. Setup was easy and for the most part worth the 150$ or so I paid. Only had a few small problem and suggestions. First, it shoots more then one treat sometimes. Also, a force setting would be nice. 2nd, the time zone setting doesn't reflect the time stamp in the video. Other then that it works as advertised.

Fantastic Christmas gift

Even my skittish boy Saban is into the Furbo. We thought Pearl would be the only interested but nope, they all love it. Even the cat!! Was at a high basketball game the other night and tossing treats was almost as good as the b-ball game. Sometimes the video stream gets bogged down, but my other apps do as well. The perfect gift for our household.

Great concept, horrible product and app!!

The camera costs $200+ . In order to use their product you MUST use their app. Also they have things called smart alerts ( purpose of having security cameras in the first place is to be notified if something changes )! Most times these don’t work properly in the first place .... They are going to start to charge you monthly for using a service they should include seeing as you just spent a car payment on buying the dang thing!! This app is unreliable. It fails often , glitches, freezes , won’t connect .... and good luck contacting this company ‘s service department . Don’t waste your money or time on this unreliable app and. Poor quality product . Completely not worth the price tag !

Can’t setup

I just got the Furbo today as a birthday gift and after downloading the app, I have been unable to set it up. I have tried numerous times only to be told the WiFi timed out? I know my WiFi is plenty fast so I’m not sure what the problem is, but I may have to return it.

Guys...this is ridiculous. Read your reviews and learn from it.

I can’t on my good mind give a good rating when the APP DOESN'T EVEN WORK. Why does it fail to connect to the camera every time? All settings and connections are fine on my end. I go to settings in the app, and it says the camera is switched off? I didn’t do that; why would I? The app then gives me the loading circle, but never loads and so I can’t even switch the camera back on in the app. What’s the point of having this $200+ device when the app doesn’t work properly?! If this wasn’t a gift, I’d be ALL OVER returning it.

Awful app

I love my furbo, but the app never works. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app anytime I want to see my dog. It’s so frustrating.

Could never connect

I could never connect via Bluetooth and so I couldn’t use the app or the product.This is not ready for primetime use!

Good camera but app very unstable

Very disappointed in this product. App is very unstable. Keeps spinning and spinning and not able to use it as intended. Please focus on fixing the bugs and it would be a great product.

Love this product!

No other dog camera on the market provides for my needs like Furbo. I read some of the other reviews on here and I don’t know why my experience is different but I don’t get any pop-ups and it definitely works on WiFi away from home. I know when my dog is barking (or howling) and then can nip home quickly before any “accidents” occur. Or just talk to her and shoot her treats to distract her. Sometimes I just keep it on at work as it’s nice to see her snoozing away. Definitely a must-have for the barking alerts, ability to talk to your dog and ability to shoot treats.

Notifications every single minute, literally

I have all notifications turned off and it has notified me every minute for well over 30 minutes that my dog is barking, while I’m home and he’s not in the room.

Add to app

Lots of improvements needed 1st they either need to add an I’m home option or detect that I am home. The person in the house thing is nice but it tells me that I am someone is home when I am home

Lots of fun with Furbo

The setup process probably took longer than it should have because we were trying to connect it with our 5G network rather than the 2.4G network. The directions do say 2.4G only but a little more information as to why would be helpful. At first I was concerned that we had purchased a product that was not compatible with our network. As far as Furbo and the app is concerned, both work as intended and it has been a lot of fun watching and interacting with our dogs while at work. It would be nice to be able to view a larger version of each of the snap shots taken during activity alerts, selfies and such without having to save them. Also, the tiny arrow is hard to see in the tiny snap shot on the home screen. I’m hoping there will be enhancements to the app to address this at some point. Again, all in all once the setup process was complete we have found no problems with the app and look forward to some enhancements to add to the fun.

Love the product, hate the app

Got this for Christmas and tried it out a few days before writing a review but I saw problems immediately with the app. There are too many to mention but here are a few....I have no problem connecting via wifi at home. But when I'm not home, I have to turn off wifi and use data. No big deal but odd that it will only connect to wifi at home and app just spins if I'm at work. If I'm home, I don't need Furbo to give the dogs treats. Duh. Also, every time I open the app it forces me to give it a rating. Even before I used it the first time. You can't continue if you don't rate it. After a few times I started giving it one star and adding a comment to stop asking me. I did this a few times and it stopped forcing me to rate it. When it offers you premium services etc. you have no option to skip, you can't open the app unless you agree. There is no option to x out of the pop-ups. The app actually worked better before they made me take the "free for now" premium services. The bark alert is turned off because it sends it when anyone speaks or makes a noise in the same room as Furbo. Even though the alert shows as off, I get dozens a day. It's annoying because I wear an Apple Watch. The camera is decent, and the dogs love getting treats when I'm away. If the app weren't so buggy I would have nothing but great things to say about the product in general. I love the idea of it.

Frustrating product

The Furbo camera dispenser is nicely designed and seemed to work, but like other reviewers, the updates took too long to load, and I haven’t been able to connect since the one and only time it worked. I wouldn’t buy it again.

You hurt my dog

The thing spat a treat at my dog and it hit her in the face an now she is scared of it and hurt. Fix the treat tossing so only one treat comes out and not at the speed of light. Great idea... poorly executed.

Does not support iPhone 8 Plus

Works fine on every iPhone and iPad in this house except iPhone 8 Plus. This includes iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5. I'm not sure about iPhone 8 or 10. On top of this, they intend on making Smart Alerts a premium service, meaning charging for this as an in app purchase, which is beyond belief. These features should be included in this overly expensive, partially functioning toy. Customer service is not all that great. After numerous emails where support runs through countless scripts, are your issues brought to level 2 support. My issue of not working on the iPhone 8 Plus was answered with, “continue using it with the iPad until it can be fixed”. Of course the iPad app is not native and ugly on the 10.5” Pro. Furbo has turned into an expensive paper weight and will most likely be returned to the store.

Pretty cool!

Good job all around! Neat concept and glad to see my pup anytime. Two ideas that I’m sure your team has already thought about: a quick/easy off button for both the app and product when I’m home (currently tucked away in settings) and a quieter throwing apparatus. Otherwise great job


I recently was gifted the iwatch for Christina which left me really excited to use the furbo app on it. As advertised, I should be able to see my dog and give her a treat along with seeing how active and selfies taken. For some reason I am only seeing the furbo icon with the treat button which I find very disappointing considering the fact that I am a premier member.

Can’t connect

The app won’t connect to my Furbo via Bluetooth... so I’m probably gonna return the thing. Not worth the trouble and annoyance.

Working now but

When I do the firmware upgrade it locks up at 100%. I force closed the ap and it works now.

Every noise is a bark.

I’ve only had it for 3 days, but what I noticed is that every time someone talks loud in the house I receive a message saying that my dog is barking . I am there, I know they are not barking.

Often Disconnects

Already had to reset after downloading firmware. Sometime it will not dispense treats. Frustrating!!

Doesn’t work!

Got the Furbo as a Christmas present and was really excited! I miss my Zeus while I’m at work and thought I could finally connect with him while I am away. My husband and I set it up, tried it and worked the first time. There was an update, so we updated. Now, it’s failing to connect. I’m having to reset the internet password EVERY time!! Not cool. I think it’s going back. What a shame. Programmers need to go back to the drawing board.

Doesn't work with Tmobile

Tmobile users should avoid Furbo at all cost. You can’t view your camera on cellular. They occasionally fix the issue, and the it repeats itself of the next update or carrier update. The Furbo team friendly but clearly incompetent.

App is minimal effort trash, don’t buy their products!!!

Why no keychain support to pull WiFi password safely without guessing and waiting several minutes? This is supposed to be for normal people. Where is HomeKit support?? No use of background tasks to update firmware, requiring users to leave the app foregrounded for forty minutes?? “A little time” Hah! And then it sits on 100% with no feedback. Welcome to the internet of sh*t!!! You could have at least included the firmware update with the app. If they can’t do these basic things right, do you really trust them to secure an internet enabled camera in your home?? I just told my family to return this piece of trash and apologized for Furbo ruining Christmas.

More bugs than a locust plague

Won't connect unless on WiFi, says I need to update the app even though I just downloaded the latest version, when following prompt to update it says to connect to power when I already am, clicking update closed the app and nothing happens. Amazing idea, terrible app.

Doesn’t work

My Furbo was great for the first couple of months I was able to check up on my dog whenever I wanted to with very good quality videos and I could even throw treats but now it won’t connect at all. I’ve tried to reset the WiFi, update the app but it seem like with every update the app just gets worst and worst. I am very disappointed I bought this I really should’ve listened to the reviews.

Firmware updates take a long time

The firmware updates state not to close the app. On T-Mobile it took nearly 20 minutes for the update to say 100%. Once it reached 100% it wouldn’t let me do anything until I force closed the app and restarted the app. As for the product itself. Only used it for a few hours and so far it’s doing what it says it’s supposed to do. However I have only messed with it in house and haven’t yet tried to access it from another location.

much better. keep the updates coming

new updates have made for some big improvements. the furbo itself is so far working flawlessly. my dog loves this thing! and i can keep an eye on him throughout the day.

So much potential!

The concept is amazing, and it has the potential to be a great app however it constantly crashes and I think it should have better capabilities with accessibility on more than one device for all the family members that want to check on their pups.

Insecure. Do Not Let This Product Into Your Home

The purple light on my Furbo came on, which is supposed to mean that it doesn’t have a WiFi connection. However, I was able to view the video feed on my phone (with Bluetooth turned off) while the light stayed purple. The light is supposed to turn blue when it’s in use. Since the status light isn’t working, I have no way of knowing when someone is watching me.

The last month has been terrible

When I first got the Furbo it was awesome. My dog loved it. I was able to let her out of her crate for longer periods of time because I could easily distract her from bad behavior. However, the last month I have been almost unable to use my Furbo. The connection is never working. I had one connection issue in the first month of using Furbo and messaged them on Facebook. They messaged me back almost immediately. Now, when I’m having constant troubles, I’m lucky to hear back the next day. What’s frustrating is that I don’t have the ability to use a rather pricey camera so it just sits there and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. It’s not my app, not my phone, not my WiFi. At this point I’m stuck because I have it and there’s nothing I can do to actually use it. If this camera worked as it’s supposed to, it would be great. The truth is that it doesn’t work a majority of the time because of problems on Furbos end.

Very frustrated

I received my Furbo as a gift and was really anxious to start using it. Well over an hour later and I still can’t complete the initial setup process... but I keep getting these annoying welcome emails. And I have to wait a good 12 hrs yet before hearing back from support.


Aggravating! Worked for a few days lost connection and sitting for 2 weeks now. Can’t get it to re-connect. Probably will shoot it with my 45 cal in a few days! Don’t waste your money.

Software & App needs improvement

Camera wise, this is the best I’ve had. It’s really wide angle so you can see a lot at once (which makes up for the fact that it doesn’t move). It’s very clear. The problems I have are with the app. It’s glitchy when you first connect, update the firmware, and sometimes has trouble connecting. I turned off bark notifications everywhere possible but it still notifies me. It also confuses barking with other loud noises in the house like when I cough or someone drops something on the floor. So I’m constantly getting notifications on my Apple Watch and phone, which is very annoying. I have to turn off all notifications for the app. Great concept and simple UI, but needs better execution. Hoping this will get fixed.


Everything about this is horrible. App is buggy as all get out. Device hangs, and will not respond at all to hard reset. If you want to pay a bunch of money, get excited at having this thing work for less than a day, and then spend way way too much time fussing with it and reading absolutely useless tech help pages, then look no further...the amazing, utterly f#cktastic, FURBO!!!

What happened!!

I’ve had this product for almost a year and have loved it. However, with the most recent app update I have been unable to get my phone to connect. I’m still receiving the bark alerts but when I go to connect either being on WiFi or on Verizon’s network it keeps telling me connection failed. I have other things connected to my home WiF, that appear to be working just fine, so I can only assume something happened with the latest update.

Great idea but poor execution

I love this device when it’s working; however, that is probably only around 60% - 70% of the time. It seems that whenever the issues get worked out and the device works properly for a consistent period of time, they will push out an update that breaks everything again. Then, you’re out of luck for several days (like at the current moment). I’ve got far more important things to do then consistently troubleshooting this device. It may get unplugged soon.


This app work perfectly for the longest time and all the sudden it does not work anymore I cannot for the life of me get it to connect this for about was far too expensive to have a weak and unstable app

It would be a great app if it worked

I’m really frustrated. My app almost never connects. I see a spinning wheel in 95% of the time. I get the bark alerts but I can’t see my dog :( In the rare cases the app does connect it is great but that makes it even more frustrating. I contacted costumer service but they take forever to get back to me.

Device is Great, App is Poor

Bugs everywhere. Even the listed support email address doesn’t work.


I’m not really sure why the reviews are so bad for this product... Maybe just dumb consumers that think they are going to use the Furbo as a whole home security system instead of what it is, a dog cam! A great one at that!!! 2 way Audio, Live HD video, auto night vision, bark and motion alerts, and a Treat Tosser! Even with a weak cell signal it still loads. I would highly recommend this product to fellow animal lovers!!

Tmobile fix

Finally fixed the tmobile issue and is iphonex compatible. Hopefully it stays working because it was fixed once before only to stop working again a ninth later.


We have only had luck with connecting when on wifi. Tmobile still has connection issues and no luck with AT&T either. When we do connect, if we are far from the furbo our voices come out digitized, static and hard to make out. It freaks out dog out more than anything. You can throw treats which is nice. Random aim so depends on where you position this. It was a great concept. But make sure you read reviews before purchasing to ensure it will work with your phone. I've updated the app so that's not the issue...

Furbo Update! 🙄

Every. Single. Time. We go backwards. Why does each iOS update break the ability to view the Furbo camera while using T-Mobile LTE?! 👎🏻👎🏻 I still receive the barking alerts, but I can’t view the feed. ☹️ Why is this such a hard issue to fix?!

Was a 5 Star until the update

I LOVED my Furbo prior to the recent update. The picture was clear and I loved the notification when my dog was barking. Since the update, it freezes when you try to open it and constantly needs me to enter my password.

Not Compatible with T-Mobile (still)

If you have T-Mobile, don't buy Furbo. They've had lots of issues keeping the app working with the carrier. It hasn't worked for me in months..... This is still an issue. Even on iOS 11.1.1.

Apple Update Killed Connectivity

Since the latest series of Apple updates, which began over a month ago, I cannot connect to my Furbo, AT ALL! The Furbo updates and hard resets have not addressed my issue. My Furbo was literally my second most favorite electronic device in my possession, but now is a complete failure. Customer support has not been able to help me resolve my specific issue and it’s been the most frustrating experience.

Saving video no longer works

Agree with others that sound quality is not very good. Also, saving video clips no longer works. Keep getting an error.

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